Samuel Andrews

Chief Operating Officer

Samuel Andrews thrives off of having to overcome obstacles and adapt to new challenges on a daily basis. To Sam, entrepreneurship is a way he can learn new skills on the spot along with developing the financial support to live the adventurous life that he desires. He is studying environmental management and protection
 with a minor in entrepreneurship and got involved with Intego due to his engagement in Cal Poly Entrepreneurs. Through this experience, Sam has learned to be a really good goalkeeper and is excited to see where we can take this company.

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Alexandra Joelson

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandra has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur because she grew up watching Shark Tank. As she is pursuing her Business Administration degree at Cal Poly Slo, she decided to take her passion for soccer and entrepreneurship and create something great out of it. Alexandra played soccer for 15 years and is very involved in Cal Poly Entrepreneurs and the on-campus Hatchery program. This company is a way for Alexandra to show her leadership and business development skills and apply it to something she loves. 

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Jack Browers

Head of Engineering

Jack Browers has always had the drive to learn and he believes that entrepreneurship is the best way to do so as there are new challenges that arise daily. Jack is studying Aerospace Engineering and as the Head of Engineering of Intego Sports he gets to apply his love of engineering to something tangible. He is also a lifetime soccer player and is excited to create something that he is so passionate about.

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Shahwaz Khan

Design and Manufacturing Intern

Shahwaz Khan worked with us for Summer of 2020 and continued his involvement into Fall 2020.  Shahwaz is passionate about expanding his knowledge of engineering and manufacturing. His determination is evident through his research reports and 3D models. Shahwaz is diligent, passionate, and ready to take on any challenges that he is faced with!

Tanner Luke

Graphic Design Intern

Tanner Luke was involved with Intego Sports for a few months and worked extensively to help the team build a brand for themselves. Tanner's work is demonstrated through the new Intego Sports logo and a multitude of cleat design mock-ups. Tanner is next-level creative and it has been amazing to have his help in building our brand. 

Camille Boiteux

Business Administration and Marketing Intern

Camille Boiteux worked with Intego Sports for Fall 2020 and she has shown us passion and excitement with everything she has done so far. Camille is eager to learn and willing to take on any task even if she isn't familiar with the task at hand. She is a great addition to the Intego team and her devotion to her work brings excitement to our company every day!



Manufacturing and Research Intern

Mahek Karamchandani dedicated Fall 2020 to helping Intego Sports develop their design. Mahek did a considerable amount of research  into the manufacturing processes involved in Intego's design. She is passionate and produced quality work that always exceeded our expectations.

Candice Leung

Brand Marketing Intern

Candice Leung participated in Intego Sports Winter 2021 micro-internship program where she dedicated four weeks to customer development, research, brand growth, and marketing analysis. Candice is an intelligent individual who showed us diligence, passion, and extreme marketing knowledge. 

Nakul Mohakar

Design & Modeling Engineering Intern

Nakul Mohakar worked directly with our engineering department for an intensive 8-week engineering internship where he spent his time on generating detailed CAD models. As just a freshman and early in his education, Nakul proved to us that he was ready for the challenge. His models we designed with great detail and precision and exceeded our expectations.


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