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Intersole Technology
3X more durable

About Promotion

Intego Sports is offering to give away our first 100 cleats to anyone that is willing to be a product tester! Become one of the first 100 people to put a pair of Intego cleats on your feet.

A product tester is someone who agrees to give us feedback on the cleats they are given. This can be through a survey or a short interview.

Intego Sports cleats are the most durable, reliable, and sustainable cleats on the market. Starting NOW, there is no need to worry about your cleats breaking down after just a season. Say goodbye to blisters and having to break in new cleats. There is now NO need for excessive amounts of duct tape to keep your cleat together come game day.

The cleats that you will receive if you are one of the first 100 individuals to sign up for this promotion will be one of the first one hundred pairs of cleats developed by the Intego Sports team and determined to be market ready. Currently being called "The Usurper," this line of cleats will use Intego Sports' proprietary manufacturing process featuring "Intersole Technology" and all of the benefits that it provides. This means that they are set to be the most durable soccer cleat on the market, of a premium level quality, and be manufactured in a sustainable and humanitarian way. 

**By signing up to be a product tester, we are not guaranteeing that you will receive cleats at any point in the immediate future. Intego Sports is still in the process of manufacturing our first round of cleats. Nearing or upon Intego Sports receiving our first shipment of cleats ready for product testing, we will send an email to those addresses which make up the list of our first one hundred (100) applicants to this promotion in order to determine if you are still willing to be a product tester. Those who are determined to desire to be an Intego Sports product tester after receiving said email will each be shipped one of the first one hundred pairs of said shipment as soon as feasibly possible by the Intego Sports team. Please be aware that we may have preliminary product testers to determine if our cleats are ready to be shared with you. Those who sign up for this promotion will be testing our go-to-market prototypes.

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