Our Product

We are creating the MOST DURABLE soccer cleat on the market. Using innovative and cutting edge manufacturing technology, the bond between the different pieces of your cleats have never been stronger. 

With injection molded manufacturing, we create a durable cleat ready to withstand all levels of play

Through heat welding the upper to the sole of the cleat, we create a permanent bond that will improve performance and cleat lifetime


Meet the Team

Alexandra Joelson

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandra has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur because she grew up watching Shark Tank. As she is pursuing her Business Administration degree at Cal Poly Slo, she decided to take her passion for soccer and entrepreneurship and create something great out of it. Alexandra played soccer for 15 years and is very involved in Cal Poly Entrepreneurs and the on-campus Hatchery program. This company is a way for Alexandra to show her leadership and business development skills and apply it to something she loves. 


Samuel Andrews

Chief Operating Officer

Samuel Andrews thrives off of having to overcome obstacles and adapt to new challenges on a daily basis. To Sam, entrepreneurship is a way he can learn new skills on the spot along with developing the financial support to live the adventurous life that he desires. He is studying physics with a minor in entrepreneurship and got involved with Intego due to his engagement in Cal Poly Entrepreneurs. Through this experience, Sam has learned to be a really good goalkeeper and is excited to see where we can take this company.

Jack Browers

Head of Engineering

Jack Browers has always had the drive to learn and he believes that entrepreneurship is the best way to do so as there are new challenges that arise daily. Jack is studying Aerospace Engineering and as the Head of Engineering of Intego Sports he gets to apply his love of engineering to something tangible. He is also a lifetime soccer player and is excited to create something that he is so passionate about.

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